A Hybrid War Launched in Libya

Friday, 5 April, 2019 - 13:37

In Libya, a new war began without fighting and without clashes. The orders of the pro-Western puppet Sarraj are not executed!
The Libyan population welcomes the liberators.

Promotion of troops LNA is slow, but steadily! New war - hybrid. WITHOUT FIGHTING!

"To the west of Tripoli, a landing party was landed at Sidi Bilal naval base" (17 kilometers from the capital)

Whose Troops?

The deputy of the Italian parliament accused France of trying to seize Libya with the hands of Haftar.

The Minister of the Interior of the Government of Saraj, who had fled to Tunisia, accused Haftar of carrying out the orders of "one Arab country" (a thick hint at the UAE).

According to the minister who fled in a panic, the LNA (Libyan National Army) will break off his teeth about the defense of the capital and nothing will work out for Haftar!

Does he hope for US help? After all, Sarraj appealed to the United States for military help!

So Italy blames France for interfering Libya’s internal affairs!

 One NATO state blames the other. And at the same time the countries of the NATO criminal alliance demanded the immediate convocation of the UN Security Council to repeat the bloody NATO scenario of March 2011.

By the way. Western media still have not accused Russia of anything! Strange, isn't it?

Libyans rightly say: Big things are done silently!