Hundreds of Hong Kong residents renew protest

Sunday, 24 May, 2020 - 08:19

In Hong Kong, police dispersed a crowd of protesters who renewed the protests that were quiet because of the pandemic. This is the first protest after the start of the consideration of the bill "On improving the legal system and law enforcement mechanism of Hong Kong," which they began to consider in China.

Hundreds of Hong Kong residents took to the streets to protest. They oppose mainland China's state security law. A few days ago, China included in the agenda consideration of the law on national security in Hong Kong. It is assumed that the vote on this issue in Beijing will be held on May 28, and the law itself will be adopted without approval from Hong Kong.

This caused indignation of local residents. The video from the scene shows how a masked crowd is moving at the police, designed to restrain the demonstrators.

Some began to throw law enforcement officers with branches, umbrellas and bottles of water. Some of the activists began to build barricades on the roads.

In response, the police used pepper spray and tear gas. Reported detentions.

Meanwhile, local authorities reminded the townspeople that the activists were breaking the law on mass gatherings: because of the coronavirus in Hong Kong, it is now impossible to gather in groups of more than eight people.