Duterte pushes for more transparency and kills drug dealers

Sunday, 24 July, 2016 - 18:00

A landmark order that would require all government offices under the executive branch to disclose details of their transactions has been signed by the Philippinian President Rodrigo Duterte in a move that officials said would promote transparency and strengthen public participation in governance.

The executive order (EO) implementing the freedom of information (FOI) in the executive branch was signed by Duterte in his hometown in Davao City last Saturday, two days before he delivers his first state of the nation address (SONA) and three weeks after he assumed office.

“This is already a record-breaking speed of cornerstone or a milestone or landmark executive order being signed,” Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said in a press conference in Davao City Sunday.

At the same time number of drug related crimes has dropped drastically after Duterte was elected.  544 drug dealers or suspects have been killed since Rodrigo Duterte was elected Philippine President in May.

In a recent speech during a trip to Southern Philippines Duterte said to the police and military not to be afraid in killing those involved in drugs trade.

He said: “All those you are executing as I ordered, it’s on me. Mine and mine alone … Don’t be afraid you might be charged. I take solace from my statement. I am there for you.

According to recent survey Duterte enjoys 91% trust rating.