DPRK calls on US not to interfere in inter-Korean relations

Thursday, 11 June, 2020 - 08:43

North Korea condemned the United States for criticizing its decision to cut off communications with South Korea. Pyongyang advised Washington to "stay away" from inter-Korean affairs if it wants to "ensure unhindered presidential elections."

In a statement circulated by the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea, a senior North Korean Foreign Ministry official called the "double-dealing" of the United States "disgusting." Washington should “keep an eye on the language, and above all, on its internal affairs,” said Kwon Jung Gong, director general of the US Department of State, if he wants to ensure a “smooth run” of the November presidential election (AFP translation).

North Korean authorities announced Tuesday that they were blocking lines of communication with South Korea. According to the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea, this is the first step to completely shutting down all communications with Seoul. For several days, Pyongyang warned Seoul about the possibility of closing the Inter-Korean Post Office and other projects if South Korea does not interfere with "defectors to send leaflets and other materials to the north."