Dilma Rousseff told that people of Brazil will prevent the coup

Saturday, 30 April, 2016 - 12:15

President Dilma Rousseff voiced confidence Friday that Brazil’s people will “be able to prevent any setbacks” to democracy as she battles a bid to impeach her.

“Brazil is a great country endowed with a society that was able to overcome authoritarianism in the past,” Rousseff said at the United Nations during a ceremony for the signing of the Paris climate deal.

“Ours is a hard-working people. We have great esteem for freedom. I have no doubt that our people will be able to prevent any setbacks,” she said.

Rousseff is fighting for her political survival at home following allegations that she used illegal accounting maneuvers to mask budget deficits during the 2014 election year.

The leader has denied the charges and spoke of a “grave, serious moment” in Brazil at the end of her remarks devoted mostly to climate change.