Czexit: President of the Czech Republic called for a referendum on the EU and NATO membership

Friday, 1 July, 2016 - 16:45

Czech President Milos Zeman called for the country to hold a referendum on the republic's membership in the European Union and NATO on the background of the recent UK decision to leave the Union.

The leader of the Czech Republic at the same time pointed out that he would have voted for the preservation of the membership in both organizations.
"I do not agree with those who support the withdrawal from the European Union, but I will do everything to organize a referendum for them, where they can express their opinion The same applies to and exit from NATO..", - said Zeman.

The Czech president has no authority to convene a referendum for this constitutional amendment is required. However, Milos Zeman is an influential politician in the country, said the agency.

In a referendum in the UK on June 23 the majority of Britons (51.9%) voted in favor of the UK out of the EU. After this, some European politicians have called for a similar vote in their countries.