Crown Prince of Japan gave doctors a unique gift

Thursday, 28 May, 2020 - 13:30

Crown Prince of Japan Fumihito made a unique gift for doctors struggling with COVID-19.  He and his family personally made 300 protective suits for doctors.  Now Japanese doctors will be reliably protected from infection and at the same time will be able to boast of new items made by Fumihito.

When the Japanese prince Fumihito learned that the physicians of the Land of the Rising Sun urgently needed protective clothing, the heir to the throne decided to take an active part in helping doctors.

Together with his highest relatives, he made 300 protective kits, each of which was accompanied by a note with words of gratitude to the doctors for their dedicated work.

Media reported that the costumes "from Fumihito" were handed over to doctors through the Siseikai charity fund, which is headed by the prince himself.  The fund has existed for more than 100 years, its main activity is helping people in difficult life situations, as well as helping medical institutions.

To date, according to the site, 16 651 cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in Japan.  858 people died from the effects of COVID-19.