The capturing of governmental buildings in Srinagar

Monday, 10 October, 2016 - 16:30

The militants seized the building of the Governmental Institute of Entrepreneurship and committed it to flames. Presumably, the arson was set up to divert the security forces.

At the moment, the operation of liberating the building is continuing. Nothing is reported if the civilians are still in the building. The eyewitnesses inform that gun fires and explosions are still heard.

The militants have earlier seized the building, while the siege had been lasted for two days; seven people were killed, including one civilian, three soldiers and three militants.

It needs to be mentioned that in Srinagar the curfew is continuing, which was inducted because the Indian authorities prohibit a great celebration of the Muslim holiday, which is celebrated on October 11. The authorities explained the prohibition that several years ago the traditional religious procession flowed into the protest march. If this year the similar incident happens against the background of the general instability, so it may end up into serious collisions with victims.