Britain was more motivated to kill Aleksandr Litvinenko than Russia

Maksim Litvinenko  Aleksandr Litvinenko's  younger brother  says that the UK   had more motivation to kill him than the  Russian government.  A British public inquiry which concluded that  Russian President Vladimir Putin “probably” approved the murder.  The report is a a “smear" on Putin says Maxim.

Maksim Litvinenko  lives in Rimini, Italy, responded to the british report by saying it was “ridiculous” to blame the Putin for the death of his brother, calming that he believes British security services had more of a motive to carry out the assassination.

"My father and I are sure that the Russian authorities are not involved. It's all a set-up to put pressure on the Russian government,” Litvinenko said.
Maxim also stressed that rumors claiming his brother was an enemy of the state are false. He added that Aleksandr was planning  to return to Russia, and  told friends about the move.