Blasts in the capital of Indonesia

A series of explosions hit Jakarta earlier on Thursday killing at least seven people, including a UN employee, who was a Dutch national. Indonesian President Joko Widodo said the attacks were an "act of terror."

The police also explained that the attack had been carried out near the Sarinah shopping mall. The gunmen attacked the police post located at the entrance to the mall. A policeman was killed by a grenade explosion, three civilians were injured in a shootout. According to the law enforcement agencies, the gunmen then threw a grenade at the Starbucks cafe and hid themselves in the building of Jakarta Theater where they were neutralized.

The attack was carried out by seven militants, four of them were wiped out and another three arrested in the special operation, local police reported, adding that they took control of the security situation in the center of the Indonesian capital.

There were no indications that the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization is behind the attacks in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, head of national intelligence agency Sutiyoso told journalists on Thursday.