Black Sea Fleet began exercises against Ukrainian underwater saboteurs

Thursday, 11 August, 2016 - 14:45

"The tasks are performed to repel an attack of underwater saboteurs on the Black Sea Fleet's Base," - stated a source in the military.

Chief of the Russian Navy Vladimir Korolev will be in charge of the exercises.

The maneuvers, which are included in the training exercises "Caucasus-2016", will include more than a dozen ships and support vessels and helicopters Mi-8 and Ka-27PS. The press service specified that the Navy will also workout search and minesweeping.

Yesterday Vladimir Putin stated that Ukraine rather than to seek a peaceful solution, has moved to the practice of terror.

"I think, for all it is obvious that the current Kiev authorities are not looking for ways to solve problems through negotiations and resort to terror. This is a very disturbing thing ", - said  Putin.

Background on this from Katehon:

According to the Russian Federal Security Service, on August 7th and 8th Ukrainian military intelligence personnel attempted to penetrate the territory of the Crimea to organize acts of sabotage which would lead to the death of civilians. One of the saboteurs was detained and is being interrogated. In addition, Crimean residents recruited by Ukraine and trained in special camps have been arrested. Weapons and ammunition were seized. During the shootout, an employee of the Russian security service was killed.

The US has clearly pushed Ukraine into conflict with Russia. This is beneficial to certain political groups, especially the Democrats and lobbyists associated with the military-industrial complex. By provoking and worsening the conflict, it becomes possible for them to justify the further strengthening of NATO and the delivery of military goods to Ukraine.

This same scheme was implemented in the case of Saudi Arabia, which is losing the war with Yemen. The Saudis’ losses led to the United States selling them a new batch of weapons.