In Austria, a retired man threatened to blow up the house, from which he was evicted

Tuesday, 6 September, 2016 - 15:15

To neutralize the old man an anti-terrorist unit of special forces was called.

In the Austrian town of Wiener Neustadt a retired man was arrested by police as a "terrorist". Retired vowed to mine the house from which he was evicted. This was announced by the representative of the Office of the Federal State of Lower Austria police Johann Baumschlager

According to him, to neutralize the 80-year-old man, to the place called the staff of antiterrorist special purpose units of Austria "Cobra". Early this morning he was visited by police with a notice of eviction. The man pushed out the uninvited guests, gasoline was poured over one of law enforcement officers, and barricaded himself in an apartment.

Local media reported that the pensioner had previously reported on the decision of the court, but he refused to obey.