Argentina under Macri: 32% living in poverty

Saturday, 1 October, 2016 - 01:00

Up to 32.2 percent of Argentine people are living in poverty with 6.3 percent in extreme poverty, said a report published Wednesday by the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC).

The highest rate of poverty was registered in the northeast region, which stood at 40.1 percent with 7.7 percent in extreme poverty in the central Pampa region.

INDEC's report does not cover all of Argentina since research was only carried out across the country's 31 largest cities in the second quarter.

One of Macri's election promises, before being elected in December 2015, was zero poverty in Argentina. But now it seems that he change own opinion.

"Zero poverty in four years obviously cannot be reached," said Macri on Wednesday.

Last year, former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner claimed that poverty levels in Argentina were "below 5 percent, and 1 percent of severe poverty."