Anglicans Excommunicate the Episcopalians

News today that the bishops of the Anglican Communion have suspended the Episcopal Church of the USA over their decision to endorse same sex marriage is truly historic.
I will be updating this post later, but here’s are five reasons why its important:
1. The young, orthodox and majority church of the developing world has formally flexed its muscles. The Africans have stood up to the historic churches of the Northern, developed world.
2. This shift of power from North to South is the first major, formal power shift in global Christianity
3. The African (and other developing world) bishops have effectively established the foundation for future control of global Anglicanism
4. The reverberations will be felt in the Catholic Church. Synod watchers will remember the tensions last year between the African cardinals and the progressive cardinals of Europe and the USA. The same North South divide exists in Catholicism and the same power struggles will occur in the Catholic Church.
5. This is the first step towards a re-orientation in global Christianity away from the domination by the liberal, intellectual, critical and relativistic Northern establishment and the fresh expression of a young, orthodox, vibrant and dynamic Southern Christianity.