14 more civilian bombings in the ISIS campaign are admitted by US

American military   to acknowledged the responsibility for civilian bombings in  14 new cases in Iraq and Syria.  The bombings  left 15 dead and 14 injured. Before last week, the US had accepted responsibility only in two of this acts.
Pentagon was reluctant to admit causing civilian casualties during its   campaign against the ter ISIS. However, in the last   three weeks, US army officials announced 14 new cases from 2015. 
29 innocent people were killed or harmed in these bombings.
Last week the military detailed five acts, that took place between April 12 and July 4, 2015. The acts  had claimed eight lives and left three other people injured. This week the Pentagon will acknowledge five more incidents, and next week four additional cases may  be announced.
Investigating   civilian casualties from airstrikes in  Syria and Iraq may be difficult or even impossible, as   neither the Pentagon's  investigators nor independent observers can safely assess the aftermath of American attacks.