Google must die! Letter to Donald Trump


Mr. President, it is clear to me that the US elections were stolen from you and your voters, and that Big Tech's efforts to repress this information is both a moral outrage and a prosecutable crime.

A Tightening Circle of Replacement Politics


America’s foreign policy has become something of a global Rubik’s cube – At one moment, the cube is all red; the team seemingly ready to de-escalate tensions with Russia or China; yet the very next moment, the cube rotates to a different facet, wi

Why MAGA failed?


The MAGA movement failed specifically because the MAGA movement did not have Jesus Christ as its guiding leader and King.

Is the impeachment against Bolsonaro prepared?


After the khaos that emerged in a Brazilian society corroded by corruption and that reached the then President Temer, the ultra-rightist Jair Bolsonaro triumphed in the ballot, who formed a government supervised by the Trump Administration with the avowed objective of turning Brazil into the paradigm of the new geopolitical and economic order of the US neocon establishment in Latin America and the Caribbean.