Colossus Constrained


U.S. President Joe Biden has ambitious goals both at home and abroad. On the home front, he promises to “build back better” through enormous investments in COVID-19 pandemic recovery, health care, education, infrastructure, and green technology.

Empire and Katechon


The empire that contains the katechon must by internal necessity be epoch-making and, at the same time, precisely because of this presence it can never really be successful in its task.

Towards the end of global capitalism


“Kill all the enemies of the Open Society. The enemies of the Open Society should be killed — tortured if they win through the democratic process. We should abolish democracy,” roars this dragon. “Destroy every obstacle. Humanity — let us destroy it. Put the poison in the vaccines. Let’s do it!” That’s the kind of eschatological fight — the last battle of globalization.

The Withholding Power. The Problem of Political Theology


Paul - or the faithful disciple who interprets or tries to explain his thought - returns in The Second Letter to Thessalonians to the eschatology of The First Letter to Thessalonians in order to warn that the Lord Jesus will not return until the work of his Adversary (Antikeimenos) is complete.