The Kursk Report


“In the first phase the enemy, collecting their best forces (...) will strike (...) I consider it inadvisable for our forces to go over to an offensive in the near

The New Multipolar Order


By chaos we understand something unpredictable and that escapes the myopic vision that our eyes can only sketch in the face of events that are beyond known parameters, since our mind is capable of sequencing only fragments of the total sequence of

The American stick was left without a carrot


The United States has the ability to pursue broad measures to exert pressure on other countries, not only through bilateral relations, but also through controlled international organisations such as the IMF and the World Bank. Although this violat

Can Europe Exist without Russia?


The question that is the title of this article was the one asked of the participants of a seminar that I had the honor to organize thirty years ago. It was 1994. Russia was struggling to emerge from the ruins of the Soviet empire.