Death to America?


Talking about the future is often a sure recipe for looking like a fool. However obvious it may seem to us, nearly everything that happened in the past was unexpected at the time.

The importance of Byzantium for the West


Professor Sean Gabb, lecturer, political activist and the author of nine historical novels about early years of the Byzantium Empire, explains how the Byzantium influenced on the division between the Eastern and the Western branches of Christianit

Today terrorism is our common worry

We have to state with full regret that vile groups such as DAESH are the spawn of such ill-fated pairings with imported cultures.  If the matter was simply theological, we would have had to witness such phenomena before the colonialist era, yet history shows the contrary. 

Is the West Disintegrating?


How does an increasingly multiracial, multiethnic, multilingual, multicultural United States avoid the fate to which Europe appears to be headed, when there is no identifiable racial or ethnic majority here in 2042? Are our own political and racial divisions disappearing, or do they, too, seem to be deepening?

The South and Geopolitics


If the Yankeefication of the South is not yet complete, if there is a flicker of a memory of the better ways of the Old South still living in the hearts of Southern men and women (and we believe there is), they need to disengage from Washington, D. C., stop trying to reform and change it (for the principles its government, economy, etc).