The origins of Islamic Terrorism

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According to the results of the police investigation there are no doubts that the last terrorist act in St. Petersburg was organized by Islamic terrorists.
However, the term "Islamic terrorism" causes an acute allergy, especially among Muslims. Critics argue that Islam is a religion of peace and love, that terrorism cannot be associated with a particular religion or nationality, because terrorists are nothing more than criminals. Of course, we can look at this problem from this angle. Many Muslims, liberals and leftists usually do so. Some of them sincerely, and some of them not.

To Whom does the Great Patriotic War Belong?

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Among many contrasting groups of Russophiles in Serbia, the dominant two confronted groups are, on the one side, those who recognize only the Russian Empire, and therefore Russia only up until 1917, and on the other hand, those who from Russia’s h

Tragic loss of «Red Pasha». Part II


The English wanted to have all – from Arabs they wanted concessions for their support of a single Arab state, from the Rothschilds they sought compensation for their stance towards the Zionist project. In the final score they lost everything, the trust of Arabs, including King Abdelaziz, and came into conflict with the Zionist movement. They got only what they got – territories with the Sykes-Picot lines and Iraqi oil.  

Tragic loss of «Red Pasha»


The article by Ozerov, Ambassador, concerns the Soviet efforts to win the confidence of the young Saudi Arabia. Referring to the Russian archives the author looks into the personality of the Russian diplomat Hakimov who applied his inborn abilities and affinity to both Communism and Islam to make friends with King Abdelaziz Ibn Saud and to compete with other great powers of the time, Great Britain and the rising USA, over the influence in the Middle East.