Soft Power

The Mind Builders in Africa


As Africans went formal through the acquisition of western education, a critical question of that era is, before the “independence” of most African states when its much needed man power is being trained; was it the lack of interest or incompetence



The development of the classical liberal paradigm is neoliberalism (sometimes it is described as the independent IR paradigm ‘transnationalism’). The neoliberals (M. Doyle, J. Rosenau, Jr. Nye, R. Keohane etc.) paid special attention to the globalization process, the creation of the united economic, informational, cultural and social space, as well as spreading the West’s democratic values

Western Soft Power on Africa


The greatest tragedy visited by Europe and the Arabs on Africa, is not the plundering of African lands and resources, but getting the continent’s civilization stock and torn between, picking up the pieces of her life, through the building of her c