Saudi Arabia

Saudis Claim Russia's Stake on World Oil Market


Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman made a statement that Russia will completely lose its position in the world oil market in 19 years, its share will be replaced by Saudi Arabia.

Roots of terrorism. Part 3


There is another belief of Wahabis, which is anti religion, anti Islam, anti-intelligence anti-Christianity. The belief of the Wahabis is that if the grave is slightly raised above the surface of the land then it must be demolished and leveled to the ground

Roots of terrorism. Part 2


It is proved even from the Wahabis' books that the Terrorism was ushered (announced, showed) in, was introduced to Islam by the Wahabis.  Abdul Wahab writes in his own book ‘Khashful Shobhat’ that those who believe Prophets of God (peace be upon him and his progeny)

Roots of Terrorism. Part 1


All the religions of the world reflect (reveal) and give message of peace and solace among the nations. All the Godly religions have got network of creating a sort of harmony (agreement, accord) between the creator and the human being.

Terror attack in Teheran: CIA's Destabilizaton of Iran


On Wednesday, two groups of armed men stormed the Iranian parliament building in central Tehran and Imam Khomeini Shrine in the southern Tehran outskirt.

There are conflicting reports on the number of casualties but some unofficial sources have announced 9 security forces and civilians dead in parliament shootings.

The assailants armed with two AK-47 and a handgun are still said to be inside the Parliament. It has been reported that a suicide bomber blew himself up in the parliament building.