Russian trace in US Riots?


Protests in the US that began last week continue. American media report that President Donald Trump and his family hid in a bunker. While the protesters were smashing the shops, the populists “found” a “Russian trace” in protests and violence

Hong Kong Riots Make China Stronger


During the riots in Hong Kong on the podium of the local legislature, captured by the protesters, the flag was hung during the British occupation. China has already warned London not to interfere in its internal affairs.

Protests in Romania: Soros strikes back


Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in the Romanian capital to protest against an emergency government decree to decriminalise a string of corruption offences.

Riot police have reported about 80,000 people gathered in front of the government’s headquarters in Bucharest’s biggest square on February 3 rd. Thousands gathered around 20 other cities even calling for the government to resign.  



From the outsider’s perspective, the United States appears to have entered the peak stages of a psychotic meltdown over its newly elected president Donald J. Trump.