The origins of Islamic Terrorism

By Menendj (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5) via Wikimedia Commons

According to the results of the police investigation there are no doubts that the last terrorist act in St. Petersburg was organized by Islamic terrorists.
However, the term "Islamic terrorism" causes an acute allergy, especially among Muslims. Critics argue that Islam is a religion of peace and love, that terrorism cannot be associated with a particular religion or nationality, because terrorists are nothing more than criminals. Of course, we can look at this problem from this angle. Many Muslims, liberals and leftists usually do so. Some of them sincerely, and some of them not.

Mad Maqsud: Jihad Road


The Syrian conflict began a new chapter in military history. The opposing sides use both the last century's arsenal and the most advanced technology simultaneously. This is a real war of great ingenuity and creative minds as well.