One of the mandates that our economic lords and masters have arrogated for themselves is that of maintaining so-called price stability, a constant purchasing power of the monetary unit in our wallets.

New Silk Road Reopens Golden Age of Commerce


The Great Silk Road is an ancient trade route that ran between China and West's Roman Empire. It is often dubbed one of the most significant achievements in the history of the civilization. It is certainly so from an economic standpoint.

Will China BRI Cause East West Rupture in EU?


On 27 November Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, already at odds with the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union over his insistence on the right to decide whether Brussels or national elected governments shall be allowed to become citiz

Chinese Agency lowered the US sovereign credit rating


Chinese credit agency Dagong has lowered the United States’ sovereign credit rating. Slapping it down from A- to BBB+, placing the US on a negative outlook. This rating is now on par with those of Peru, Colombia and Turkmenistan.