founding insubordination

The Founding Insubordination: Introduction


These lines intend to be a “peripheral thinking”, a reflection attempt from our being somewhere, and being someone. A peripheral thought about international relations, convinced that – as Stanley Hoffmann would say – “Born and raised in America, the discipline of international relations is, so to speak, too close to fire”

The Insubordination of the United States. Part 2


As we have already affirmed, only in the sector of naval constructions did the first laws of promotion and protection of national American industry have complete success. With regards to the other industrial sectors, they would only have their true leap forward during the war of 1812 when the United States lived an accelerated process of import substitution. 

The Insubordination of the United States. Part 1


Between 1775 and 1783, the thirteen colonies of North America played the main role in the first successful insubordination produced in a place which, for that time, was “the periphery of the international system”. It was evidently not the only insubordination produced in the periphery, but it was the most successful of all because it was able to create the first industrial State-nation, outside of the European continent, and the first Republic of modern times