Finnish policy suffers from diplomatic schizophrenia


We consider the meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland, Timo Soini, and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Margot Wallström, to be a telling example of the "conflict" between Russia and Finland as well as Sweden.

NATO's aggressive provocations against Russia


At the moment, Finland is a neutral country and is not planning to become a member of NATO. Up to 80% of Finns do not support Finland’s membership in NATO. So it is clear that Finland will be neutral in the future along with Sweden.

EU: the greatest hell for Finland


I think that president Putin’s visit to Finland aimed at strengthening Russian-Finland relations. In this aspect, the visit was very important and successful. Also, Vladimir Putin wanted to visit Finland before the upcoming Warsaw summit.

The Fear of Provocation


Finland is in a desperate situation. Even if the EU sanctions are cancelled, the US sanctions against Russia, mainly to her financial sector, will remain. Finland and Russia cannot start any serious business as the financing is not available. Finland is under the thumb of Washington, and is left without a say. Sovereignty has been lost.

Finnish Government Sponsors Attacks on Catholic Belief at UN


Center for Family and Human Rights reported in Friday that Catholic Holy Week did not deter an open attack sponsored by the government of Finland on the Catholic Church and religious teaching on family and sexuality at an event at the United Nations last week.

The new Barbarossa via Finland


Finland has changed 180 degrees her security and defence policy also by joining the military co-operations of NATO. Finland has bought cruise missiles that can be equipped with nuclear heads too.