Why Are The Kurds Saying That Chechens Are “Genuinely Native” To Syria”?


In what is probably one of the most peculiar revelations thus far exposed in the War on Syria, it has come out that the Kurds’ official federalization plan, the so-called “Project For A Democratic Syria”, not only recycles Secular Wahhabi rhetoric about “fascism” and “semi-fascism”, but ludicrously alleges that the Chechens are “genuinely native in this land” and “participated in creating the region’s history and culture.” This is a shameless and naked distortion of history that’s predicated solely on self-interested geopolitical reasons, namely the Kurds’ interest in extending an ‘olive branch’ of ‘win-win’ federalization to the over 2,000 Chechens that are fighting for Daesh in northern Syria.