Germany Will be Saved By the "Alternative"


On the eve of the most important regional elections in Germany - in Bavaria and Hesse - the leading opposition national-conservative party “Alternative for Germany” (AfD), which, according to polls, has become the second most popular in the countr

Italy flees from Brussels to Russia


Italian President Sergio Matarella agreed to form a government headed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Comte. This will be the first Cabinet in the history of the country, formed exclusively by Eurosceptics.

The FPÖ is against centralism in the EU and advocates a Europe of Fatherlands


Our position on Russia, the EU and the USA, and in particular on the neutrality of Austria, is clear: Politics in the EU may not be run at the behest of the USA, which can and will only cause damage to European countries in the long run. Brussels must lift the sanctions against Russia without delay and seek a solution to the Ukraine conflict together with Putin. Only if the EU and Russia pull in the same direction will both sides benefit. US interests may not stand in the way, that is a clear demand from the FPÖ. The powers-that-be in Europe must finally realise that the important axis required by Europe is not Brussels-Washington but Paris-Berlin-Moscow.

Marine Le Pen: In the name of the people

By JÄNNICK Jérémy, CC BY 3.0,

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the french  "National Front" has published her first presidential campaign advertisment: