Will the "United States of Europe" Survive?


The ghost of the tough Brexit in Britain, the riots of the "yellow vests" in France, the opposition of the Italian "friends of Putin" and the European bureaucrats, the protracted crisis in Greece - all this does not mean the decline of Europe,

The battle for Italy


World media discuss the decision of the Italian president to block the formation of the government, proposed by the coalition of Eurosceptics from the parties "League" and "5 stars".

Fidesz - Hungarian response to the left-liberal globalization


Why Western liberals misunderstand Hungary? The country has rejected liberal universalism and is being punished for it by the European politicians. To understand Hungary’s domestic policy and current response to the migration crisis, it is important to consider its primary principles: the will to sovereignty, legality and political responsibility.

Some thoughts on Multipolarity


I was born in Slovakia in the early 1990s and was raised by my mom and dad, who are a doctor and train driver, respectively. I played basketball since I was six years old and I went to a religious high school.

Success of the European Eurosceptics — what’s next?


The triumph of Eurosceptic political movements, usually referred to as populist by the meanstream media, in the European elections of 22/25 May offers hitherto unique opportunities. It raises questions regarding the future of the European Union in its current schema. To what extent can the 2014 European elections lead to modifications in the Union and influence the course of European integration? Can it be understood as an awareness of European nations of their need to think about Europe differently and about the need for a return to a focus on the individual countries' national interests?