Brazilian Trump Scares The World


In the presidential elections in Brazil, won the odious right-wing politician Jair Bolsonaro who intended to radically change the political course of the country.

Elections in Pakistan


On July 25, the prime minister and parliament were elected in Pakistan, and national elections to the National Assembly and provincial assemblies were held. A total of 849 mandates were distributed, for which more than 12,000 candidates fought. About 105 million citizens took part in the voting. These were the second open general elections in the history of Pakistan after the military weakened its influence over political processes.

Elections in Iraq: an unexpected outcome


The faction of the incumbent government is on the brink of collapse, despite the victory over the Islamic State. On 12 May, the first parliamentary elections were held since the victory over terrorists. The elections in Iraq are led by Shiite clerics led by Muqtada al-Sadr and the pro-Iranian alliance.


Old new president: NATO marionette wins in Montenegro


On Sunday, Montenegro chose the new president  -the former prime minister and a big friend of the "West" Milo Đukanović. In a month he will replace acting head of state Philip Vujanovic, who heads the country for the third consecutive term.

According to the constitution of Montenegro, the president represents the country abroad, promulgates laws, appoints elections to the Assembly, presents state awards, issues an amnesty decree, and is also a member of the Supreme Council of Defense.



“This is just a truly astonishing moment coming from the White House podium,” tweeted MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt. Like the rest of the media pack-animals she hunts with, Ms.