coming war with Russia

Will Russia Surrender?


The Russian government’s sincere and diligent effort to prevent chaos in Syria and additional massive refugee flow into Europe, all the while avoiding conflict with Washington and its vassals, has been brought to an end by Washington’s intentional

Clinton calls for interventionist policy


Hillary Clinton has reiterated the idea of American exceptionalism. The candidate of the Democratic Party addressed members of the American Legion, an organization uniting war veterans and retired US military personnel. The event was held within the framework of the American Legion's national convention. On Thursday, September 1st, legionnaires are to be addressed by Donald Trump.

Finnish policy suffers from diplomatic schizophrenia


We consider the meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland, Timo Soini, and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Margot Wallström, to be a telling example of the "conflict" between Russia and Finland as well as Sweden.

Vice-president for wartime


The most likely candidate for the post of Vice-President of the Democratic Party will be Admiral James Stavridis. This was stated by Hillary Clinton - the only contender for the status of an official candidate of the Democratic Party. The formal decision will be taken on 25-28 of July in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention.