Catholic Church

The Plot against the Mediterranean


To many critics of Atlanticism, the ignition of the ‘Arab Spring’, which resulted in the ‘controlled chaos strategy’ being imposed throughout the Mediterranean and beyond, might have seemed like a contemporary consequence of the globalist strategy

Christianity is a common ground between West and East


The reason why I started to get interested in Russia three years ago was because I saw that there was a huge revival of Christianity, of Orthodox faith in Russia after the Cold War when the Soviet Union collapsed. I was really unaware of this before the Pussy Riot case, where I saw that Russians absolutely would not tolerate when somebody walks into a church, into a sacred place, and acts like the girls from Pussy Riot did.

Francesco Colafemmina - The Catholic Church has lost the Mystery


This situation with religion in Italy is completely the same as in other European countries - there is complete secularization. Even when more than 80% of Italians claim to be Catholic, this doesn't mean that they are practicing or going to church or respect what the Church is saying.