Madeleine Albright: in Memoriam?


As the Latin saying goes, De mortuis nil nisi bonum. Fair enough, and for most deceased a modest effort would probably suffice to act in the spirit of this sentiment and find something decent to say.

What Is Cultural Marxism?


Cultural Marxism is first and foremost a neologism that its actual practitioners never ever use as a self-description and always scurry away from.

Imperialism and Empire


The word imperialism, meaning the tendency of a State to expand in a wide geographic space and to impose its political, military and economical dominion, is a relatively recent neologism. In 1920 Lenin noted that since a pair of decades, in the historical period started with the Hispano-American war (1898) and the Anglo-Boer war (1899-1902), “in the economical and political terminology of the old and the new world appear[ed] day by day more frequently the term imperialism”1 and quoted as an example a work called Imperialism, which the British economist J. A. Hobson had published in 1902 in London and New York.

The EU: chains and curtain


We often hear that the EU is repeating the mistakes of the Soviet Union: extreme bureaucratization of officials, impossibility to make decisions on urgent issues q

The South and Geopolitics


If the Yankeefication of the South is not yet complete, if there is a flicker of a memory of the better ways of the Old South still living in the hearts of Southern men and women (and we believe there is), they need to disengage from Washington, D. C., stop trying to reform and change it (for the principles its government, economy, etc).