The Endless War: Afghanistan Goes on and on


Given the present atmosphere in Washington in which there is no lie so outrageous as to keep it out of the mainstream media, a great deal of policy making takes place without even key players in the government knowing what is going on behind their

Grim prospects of Afghan peace


When the United States and the Taliban signed a landmark deal in Doha on February 29 last year, the Trump administration had a clear roadmap — it wanted to see a political settlement by January this year.

Aggravation of military operations in Afghanistan


On August 21, Kabul launched rockets. The authorities carried out a retaliation operation, two militants were liquidated.

The attack occurred during the speech of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, timed to the holiday of Eid al-Adha.

In general, the situation in Afghanistan is far from stable. Only in recent months, militants have regularly captured police and military facilities.

May, Take the High Ground on This


Once Trump had said his speech declaring perhaps both sides committing acts of violence may both be in the wrong during Charlottesville protest, Theresa May stood up in a port in Portsmouth and announced to the world that “fascists” were bad.