Yezidi force officially incorporated into Peshmerga army

Tuesday, 14 March, 2017 - 11:00

Some 1,000 fighters of the Ezidkhan Protection Force, a military group in the Shingal region, has officially been put under the Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga Ministry as the move is criticized by many whose names were excluded from the deal.

Haider Shasho, commander of the force reassures all his men that they will be added to the list of his force within the Peshmerga Ministry in the near future.

Shasho said: “The number of our force is 4,780. For the time being, only 1,000 have been registered. And those registered were initially with us.”

He assured the majority of his force that they will also be registered “in the coming weeks. I will not let the effort any fighter has made be wasted.”

According to Shasho, his 1,000 strongman force has joined the Peshmerga Ministry on the condition that it would protect its "name and flag."

“We will maintain our logo and name. We will also be a neutral force even within the Peshmerga Ministry.”

Source: Rudaw.