Yemeni ballistic missiles hit Saudi Arabia

The Yemeni army and popular forces conducted several retaliatory missile attacks against Saudi Arabia's Key military bases and positions in Jizan province on Friday, inflicting heavy losses on the kingdom's forces.
Yemen's Tochka ballistic missiles hit the Saudi army's gathering centers in Jizan province today.The Yemeni forces also fired a Qaher-I missile at Saudi forces' bases in Najran on Friday. Yemen's Tochka ballistic missile also hit the pro-Hadi forces' positions in Ma'rib earlier today. The missile attacks came in response to the violation of truce by the Saudi bomb strikes. On Tuesday, the Yemeni missiles destroyed the command center of Saudi border guards in Asir province.
Meantime, the Yemeni missiles hit the Saudi governmental buildings in al-Rabou'a region of Asir province. The Yemeni army also fired 52 rockets at the border regions of Alab, al-Sheibani, al-Hazar and al-Thurein in Asir province.
On Monday, Yemeni forces hit Jizan airport in Southern Saudi Arabia with their new surface-to-surface ballistic missiles. "The Qaher-I missile precisely hit the target, the Jizan airport; the third such missile used in the past 24 hours to target military positions in Southern Saudi Arabia," Yemeni military sources told FNA. The first Qaher-I ballistic missiles targeted Khalid bin Abdulaziz air base in Asir province in Southwestern Saudi Arabia on Sunday.
The second ballistic missile hit the Saudi-led coalition's command headquarters in Sha'ab al-Jen region near Bab al-Mandeb in Ta'iz province. Over 150 coalition servicemen, including 23 Saudi troops, 9 UAE officers and soldiers, seven Moroccan officers and 42 Blackwater troops were killed in the second attack. Qaher-I is an updated version of a Russian-made surface-to-surface missile.