WikiLeaks: Obama hates Netanyahu and Clinton is sure of Iran’s victory

Thursday, 20 October, 2016 - 12:30

According to The head of the Hillary’s pre-election John Podesta, whose private G-Mail emails are currently being released by WikiLeaks.

In particular, the Podesta writes that US President Barack Obama has « a pathological aversion» to the Prime Minister of Israel. However, the Democrats have to support him, moreover, to make large cash infusion into the country for supporting the presidential candidate Clinton Israeli by billionaire Haim Saban and Danny Abrams, who are the biggest sponsors of the US Democratic Party. This fact explains Washington's duplicitous attitude towards Tel Aviv, where, on the one hand, serious deals are made to the detriment of American taxpayers, on the other, strong statements are said about the occupation of Palestine.

Moreover, from the letters of John Podesta it is clear that Clinton does not believe in the possibility of Israel to cause great harm to the Iranian nuclear program, even with an open military conflict. She considers the Israel Defense Forces as weak and its weapon not suitable for participation in the conflict with the state, like Iran. Her statement is based on the analysis, which was made by one of the largest investment banks Goldman Sachs.

Moreover, Podesta's daughter Megan Rose added in a letter that according to the available information, Clinton, in the case of her presidency, would not support Israel, that will make her «worse president than Obama». Mossad possessed the same data and advised Netanyahu to accelerate the conclusion of «deal of the century», to catch up before the US elections.