Washington and Tel Aviv to sign a deal in military aid

Tuesday, 13 September, 2016 - 17:45

Israel and the United States sign an agreement within days about the military aid which the United States provided Israel in the coming years. The Israeli media said that the general head of the National Security Council, Major General Yaaqup Najal arrived at the head of a delegation to Washington to sign agreement about US aid to Israel .

Najal is expected to meet with  national security adviser in the White House, Susan Rice.

The agreement will be valid for a period of ten years starting from 2018, under which Israel would receive $ 3.8 billion a year instead of $ 4.5 billion which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sought for.

According to "Reuters" quoted from officials from both sides, the agreement "includes the largest US aid grant in its history, also holds several concessions made by Netanyahu, who preferred to reach an agreement with the current US administration to wait for better terms with the next administration."

As Obama's assistances wanted to achieve this agreement to register it as an achievement of thier era, long after accusations twards the current US administration that it did'nt support Israel enough.
The new package includes for the first time financial support of the Israeli missile defense system, which was funded even through Congress, which granted Israel in the past 600 million dollars annually for this purpose.