Vladimir Putin: biased media break the political landscape of entire nations

Thursday, 9 February, 2017 - 17:15

Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated the Italian edition of La Stampa with the 150th anniversary of the first release of the newspaper.

The Russian president noted, La Stampa has always remained an example of traditional values ​​in journalism, while many European publications have long been turned "into a tool to manipulate public opinion."

For tens of European media "information wars have become a daily reality," continued the Russian president.

"... Biased media prefer to present a distorted for the sake of someone's interests picture of the situation", - stressed the President.

Due to the harmful activity of the media involved in information wars, "collapse of the fate not only of individuals,"  but also rewritten "the political landscape of entire countries," sums up the president of Russia.

Congratulations  to the newspaper were published by the press service of the Russian president's official website.