US Senate plans to create a center of anti-Russian propaganda

Tuesday, 26 July, 2016 - 16:45

The US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations,  introduced a draft  of the"Act on combating information warfare"  which proposes measures to combat "propaganda campaigns" of China and Russia.

It is reported that the document proposes to establish a "Center for Information Analysis and Response", which will be used for tracking "misinformation and propaganda" in various sources. Among the major "distributors" of such information the document listed Russia and China.

"Misinformation is increasingly becoming a key tool used by the Russian government for the persecution of political, economic and military purposes", - reads the document.

It is also known that the project is lobbied by the two firms involved in political consulting agency, and the customer is a company owned by a citizen of Ukraine.

Katehon experts comment on this:

The creation of such a center means the beginning of the new phase of information warfare lead by the globalist elite against Russia and China. The branding of Russian and Chinese media as propaganda reveals once again the double-standards of the US.