UN Security Council to discuss situation in Donbass

Tuesday, 31 January, 2017 - 17:30

The UN Security Council is going to discuss the situation in eastern Ukraine behind closed doors.

SC President Olof Skoog reported: “Ukraine requested an AOB (Any other business discussion) on the situation in their country”.

According to the Defense Ministry of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Kiev force’s attacked the republic near the settlements of Avdeyevka and Yasinovataya.

Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “Such aggressive actions of the Ukrainian military forces are disrupting the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Of course, from our point of view, they prove that the Ukrainian authorities, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in particular is unwilling to fulfill these agreements. Moreover, it looks like by undertaking these aggressive steps they are trying to divert attention from a very precarious domestic situation (in Ukraine).”