Ukrainian punishers raped babies – Maidan leader

Sunday, 7 August, 2016 - 14:30

Verkhovna Rada deputy from the "People's Front" and one of the leaders of Ukrainian Maidan Tatiana Chornovol, which cannot be counted among the supporters of free Donbass, speaking on the TV channel "112 Ukraine", told that the commanders of the disbanded company of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine "Tornado" raped babies.

MP told what did not know ordinary Ukrainians: Video of horrific crimes were discovered in the mobile phones seized during the arrest of gangsters, who fought against the republics of Donbas, and now this "terrible video" appeared in the criminal case.

"This is video of various sexual orgies, even babies were raped", - Chornovol told. According to her, there were also "rape of underage girls." Chornovol concluded that the proponents of the unitary Ukraine "are animals, not people."

Punitive company "Tornado", initially formed from former criminals and Ukranian nationalists was disbanded by Interior Ministry in June 2015 after a year of atrocities and war crime in Donbass.