Ukrainian Neo-Nazi wants to "Kill, Burn, Shoot" the Orthodox Peace Procession in Donbass

Tuesday, 12 July, 2016 - 11:30

As was already reported by "Russian Spring" (and Fort Russ), the Ukrainian religious procession called "Prayers for peace and love in Ukraine" started from the Holy Dormition Sviatohirsk Lavra in Donbass, making the first stop at the Bohorodychne Church of the Mother of God "All mourning joy", and have reached Kharkov.

Today in Kharkov people were marching with St. George ribbons and badges with portraits of Nicholas II.

An event of such magnitude could not remain indifferent to the so-called Ukrainian patriots, "Maidan activists", and just plain killers.

Famous in Ukraine neo-nazi Victoria Reznichenko, wife of the murderer of the children of Donbass Dmitry Reznichenko, who fought with the nationalist "Donbass" battalion and ignominiously fled Ilovaisk, urged supporters to collect "realisable ideas" to massacre the participants of the procession.

"How are we going to kill, burn, shoot?" Reznichenko asks on her page on a social network.

After Dmitry Reznichenko returned from Donbass with a wounded hand, Victoria went there ostensibly as a doctor, although this neo-nazi doesn't have medical education.

Having left two small children, Victoria joined the "Golden gates" battalion.

"I'm the only woman here for twenty men," she shared her experience in 2014.

So, what in the religious procession angered the nationalist?

"Guys, but let's get serious. We all understand that these are not God-loving old women, but it is the DPR that is coming to us. And we need to stop this scum," she addressed her subscribers quite seriously on the social network.

"Anyone have any thoughts on this? Any ideas? Realisable. What information do you have about their itinerary protection, provisions? We all need to prepare ourselves in advance and to join forces. This is very important. If you have something very serious to propose, you can contact me personally by messenger," she continues.

From where such beastly hatred for the Orthodox? If you remember what she wrote a year earlier, a lot of things fall into place:

"No, the Kremlin won't burn. Nope. The whole of Moscow will burn. All their f***ing branches of Moscow, which for centuries raped my people! Which was drinking the blood from the enslaved peoples around her mercilessly, eagerly. And she will drown in blood, she was coming to this herself. Their shopping and business centers will burn, shops, trendy boutiques, and banks. The Tajiks and Turkmen will become wild until they look like women. There will be mass riots and pogroms. And on the streets our tanks will be driving and our special group will kill their military and police. And on these tanks will be Ukrainian flags."

The woman and a mother of two daughters dreams about fires and pogroms, about the death of everything Russian. As the Russian faith, Orthodoxy. And now, when the Orthodox of Ukraine are marching in the cities of the East of the country, all who hate Russian, and Russian Orthodox faith, are writhing in hatred and spewing it as best they can, for example, on social network pages. Not hiding themselves, they are calling to kill, to burn, and to shoot.