Tucker Carlson Warns: Military Leadership “Has Gone Woke”

Saturday, 27 March, 2021 - 21:55

Fox News host Tucker Carlson explained how the Biden administration is installing numerous anti-Trump “woke” individuals to its highest ranks to target conservatives.

On Friday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, Carlson described a tweet by the Pentagon’s Special Operations Command announcing the appointment of a new “diversity” czar for the Special Forces.

“So the tweet announced that a man called Richard Torres-Estrada is now the, quote ‘Chief of Diversity and Inclusion’ of America’s Special Forces. And they included his picture with the announcement,” Carlson said.

“Then at the very top of its website, the Special Operations Command included a link to its extensive, it’s quite long new diversity and inclusion strategic plan. The one thing we know about that plan is that it will result in the dramatic lowering of standards within our elite ranks, it probably already has.”

Carlson then described the new diversity czar Estrada’s political philosophy, which is openly anti-Trump and anti-conservative.

“So this is the initiative that Richard Torres-Estrada will be running. So the question is, who exactly is Richard Torres-Estrada? Well, his Facebook page gives some indication of who he is,” Carlson said.

“On it, you will find an attack on the police as racists. You’ll find crude BLM propaganda. You will find a photograph of Donald Trump holding a Bible in front of a church. Next to Trump is a photograph of Adolf Hitler. The point is, they’re the same.”

“So this is the guy who now oversees hiring for the Navy SEALs,” he added. “If you’re wondering whether our military leadership has gone woke, you can consider that question is settled for good. The Pentagon is now the Yale faculty lounge, but with cruise missiles, and that should concern you.”

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