Tebboune: A Soft Power Attempted to Implode the Country

Saturday, 25 September, 2021 - 23:42

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune said that he seeks to fight corruption and guarantee transparency, coupled with seeing to the protection of honest officials.

Tebboune also added, in a meeting with provincial governors, that 180 newspapers are published in Algeria today, so anyone who wishes to expose corruption should go ahead and do so.

On the subject of investments, he noted that one must not be overly fearful and that investors must be welcomed because the country needs them to create job opportunities. The pandemic greatly affected the economy, he said, just as it had done with the whole world, adding that Algeria has overcome the third wave of the coronavirus and is better off than many countries in terms of the daily cases.

Tebboune expected an upcoming fourth wave, which necessitates providing aid to all hospitals in oxygen production, asking governors to pursue and encourage vaccination efforts. He expected Algeria's first domestically-produced Coronavirus vaccine, in cooperation with China, to be produced in 4 days.

A soft power, yet not so soft

Commenting on the economy, Tebboune noted that Algeria's economy is not up to par with international standards, declaring that Algeria has, for the first time, passed the $3 billion threshold for non-petrochemical exports.

The Algerian President considered speculation in basic needs to be an unforgivable crime, highlighting that a "soft power" attempted to blow the country from within, but they were able to deal with it. Moreso, he said that 97 news websites from a neighboring country are attempting to destabilize Algeria.

Algeria at the onset of restoring its diplomatic prestige

The Algerian President said that the entire world acknowledges Algeria as a regional power that guarantees regional stability, which is why awareness is required in the elections so as to prevent corrupt businessmen from being nominated for parliamentary elections, announcing that 750 such cases announced their candidacy, yet they were banned.

Tebboune also declared that this year, the constitutional court, the high council for youth, and the national observatory for civil society will be established.

With regard to Palestine, Tebboune stated that Algeria is at the onset of restoring its diplomatic prestige on an international level, highlighting that the Palestinian cause will help Algeria regain its glory in the Mediterranean, Africa, and the Arab world.