Taiwan: protests against LGBT marriages

Thursday, 17 November, 2016 - 17:45

Thousand protests against draft bills to legalise same-sex marriage are being held near the building of the Parliament of Taiwan. This law is actively promoted by the government and anti-Chinese lobbyists.

Moreover, protesters are trying to break into the parliament building, while a few dozen people managed to break through the barrier, but they have not yet been put into the building. The number of protesters is around 20,000 people in total.

However, same-sex marriages are legally registered in many states and municipalities of the country on a par with normal. If the bill is passed, the concept of "mother" and "father" will disappear, which will be a precedent in Asia.

President of Taiwan's Tsai Ing-wen is considering the legalization of same-sex marriages as a step aimed against China.