Syrian Army command: The ceasefire is over

Monday, 19 September, 2016 - 18:45

 Minutes ago, the Syrian Arab Army's High Command announced that the nationwide ceasefire is over after a 7 day period.

According to the Syrian Arab Army's High Command, the nationwide ceasefire expires today, per the Russo-American agreement that was put in place 10 days ago.

"Rebel forces committed more than 300 violations by targeting residents and the Syrian military around the country," the High Command added.

Several civilians and military personnel were killed as a result of these ceasefire violations committed by the Syrian opposition forces.

"Jihadist groups took advantage of this ceasefire so that they could regroup and attack the Syrian military's positions, which led to the death of tens of personnel and civilians."

"These kind of acts prove the jihadist groups are linked to foreign countries that have no interest in stopping this war."

"We (Syrian Army) have tried to implement the truce with the highest degree of professionalism, restraining ourselves at times from responding to rebel aggression."

"Eventually, we had to respond and retaliate to these provocations against our armed forces."

"We are determined to keep fighting against these terrorists and reestablish security and stability inside Syria."

The ceasefire is officially set to expire at 7:00 P.M. (Damascus Time).