Sweden will face a catastrophe in the labor market

Monday, 25 May, 2020 - 09:13
Bloomberg predicted the disaster of Sweden. Particular attention was paid to the labor market.
Earlier it became known that in Sweden the unemployment rate is from Johanna Jensson, an analyst at Bloomberg, believes this is far from the limit. If nothing changes in the near future, then soon 17% of the country's inhabitants will be without work.
The material said that Prime Minister Stefan Leuven may receive a vote of no confidence because of the intention to pass the bill. The initiative is to make it easier for employers to lay off employees.
The leader of one of the political parties, Ulf Christersson, proposed “throwing this bill into the ballot box”. He believes that the adoption of such an initiative will be the largest attack on workers in several decades.
According to Johns Hopkins University, in Sweden, the coronavirus for the entire pandemic has been detected in almost 34 thousand people. 4029 people died, 4971 recovered. In May, this country came out on top in Europe in terms of mortality from COVID-19. The Swedish authorities did not impose quarantine and did not take any restrictive measures after the WHO declared the outbreak of coronavirus a pandemic.7.9% to 8.2% depending on seasonal fluctuations. The main reason for this is closed catering enterprises, as well as non-functioning tourism.