Sweden recognized for the first time - its “path” did not work. Without quarantine, mortality in the country breaks terrible records

Wednesday, 3 June, 2020 - 17:27

The chief epidemiologist in Sweden for the first time admitted that the plan to cope with coronavirus without strict quarantine failed. The mortality rate in the country became the highest in Europe. And although the death toll in comparison with Italy and Spain seems small, residents began to sound the alarm. Now, Swedish doctors will have to choose a new tough strategy.

The chief epidemiologist of Sweden Anders Tegnell told about the dangerous situation in the country on June 3. In an interview with Sveriges Radio, for the first time, he admitted that the authorities had misplaced the fight against coronavirus. Although at first glance, Sweden’s plan seemed perfect - and quite attractive for everyone who was tired of quarantine.

But a few months later, statistics showed that the Swedish doctors made a mistake. And Tegnell finally admitted that "too many" people are dying in the country.

The mortality rate in Sweden is really scary - the highest in Europe. It can be found out from the calculation of the number of deaths per person. Even in Spain, where a real nightmare began in hospitals, and people died due to sepsis, the figure by June became more modest.