Steinmeier: EU collapses, but why

Monday, 24 October, 2016 - 17:45

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier warms that the European Union could collapse. 

Steinmeier declared: «The financial crisis, the wave of refugees into Europe, and the shock of the British referendum have pushed Europe into serious turbulence».

Moreover, the minister, also as the Chancellor of Germany Angela Mercel, admitted not to understand why it had happened in this way.  Steinmeier also added: «We want to face criticism to be able to understand what is right and what is wrong with Europe».

Meanwhile, during the informal summit of the EU in Budapest and during some other European summits there were a lot of critics. One of them, which passed in Greece, gathered a lot of people, who suffered from European crisis, got an informal title as  «summit of the displeased».

It seems that German leaders don’t just listen to the opinions of other members of the EU.